Praxis was a natural moon of the Klingon homeworld, Qo’noS. It was the only moon of that planet and was inhabited, also used as the Empire’s key energy-production facility in the 23rd century. In 2293, Praxis was destroyed in a large explosion by over-mining and insufficient safety precautions. The explosion caused a powerful subspace shock […]


Mirrored or MIRRORING ???

In the mirror universe, the Klingons and Cardassians founded the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the 24th century and defeated the Terran Empire. In the alternate reality, in 2233, the crew of the USS Kelvin briefly considered whether a particular lightning storm effect, observed by the Kelvin near the edge of Klingon space, might be Klingon in […]

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In 2366, on combat date 43625.2, the Enterprise-D encountered a radiation anomaly near Starbase 105, the same anomaly which the Enterprise-C had entered. The battle-damaged Enterprise-C then emerged from the anomaly, with 125 surviving officers on board. Shortly thereafter, Starfleet monitor stations detected a fleet of Klingon battle cruisers heading towards the two Enterprises, news […]

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The “Explosive” EXPLOSION

The Enterprise-D was now beginning to suffer considerable stress. Damage control teams were required on and sent to deck fourteen, the ship’s starboard power coupling was no longer working, and there was an imminent danger of losing antimatter containment. The Klingon warships were concurrently flanking the Galaxy-class ship, trying to draw it away from its […]

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The Honourable DEATH

The Enterprise-D returned fire on the Bird-of-Prey with three phaser shots which again hit the Klingon ship’s starboard shields. The Bird-of-Prey next re-cloaked and Captain Garrett’s death was reported to Captain Picard and the Enterprise-D. Its Ambassador-class predecessor had sustained moderate damage in the fracas and a piece of shrapnel had become lodged in Garrett’s […]

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